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About DBC

Global Leader in Spine Adaptation Therapy

For over 20 years DBC has pioneered a growing global network of advanced specialist centers with a definite goal: to provide better outcomes, more efficiently, and with a greater cost-benefit.


    • “Most treatments for chronic LBP provide weak results and the benefits can be just transient. However, comprehensive bio-psychosocial approaches seem to be the best modality of intervention to facilitate physical outcome and return to work.”

      Disability Rehabilitation, 2010
    • “I’ve just completed DBC Active Spine Care® at Texas Back Institute in Plano, and I have to tell you I’m extremely grateful to Dr. Nayan Patel, MD for referring me. This program is a gift from God and has quite literally given me my life back! After many therapy sessions, I was scheduled to have a discectomy-laminectomy but opted for an injection and the DBC program. After a few sessions I was feeling much better.  Now I can exercise and even engage in my real passion:  Snow skiing!
      I think this program should be used as a part of a comprehensive, preventative program by anyone with even a hint of back problems. I wish they would have been around 20 years ago!”

      DB, Flower Mound, TX

    DBC, Documentation Based Care™ is the global leader in musculoskeletal rehabilitation. For over 20 years DBC has pioneered a growing global network of advanced specialist centers.

    Our mission is to provide:

    • Effective outcomes for patients
    • Efficient clinician-patient sessions
    • Economical to implement and to administer

    We began in 1994 with back restorative protocols, followed by neck (1997) and shoulder (2003) diagnostic treatments. Detailed training programs accompany all aspects of our services to ensure quality assurance for our patients and clinicians.

    Our signature program, DBC Active Spine Care®, is the only evidence-based, bio-psychosocial spine functional restoration program identified as the best treatment for back pain by the independent reviews of clinical research. The DBC Active Spine Care® program is a comprehensive treatment method for addressing back and neck pain in patients with diminished spine function.

    The DBC Active Spine Care® program is a comprehensive bio-psychosocial spine functional restoration program that incorporates specialized FDA medical devices, to safely isolate the spine and provide an individualized and targeted adaptation response to the ligaments and muscles that are critical in stabilizing the spine and returning you to a more meaningful life. The copyrighted and published protocol has shown to produce significant long-term reductions in pain, trouble, and impairment while increasing strength, range-of-motion and paraspinal endurance worldwide.

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