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You can lower your company’s highest health costs.

Low back pain is one of the costliest variables to employee production. Early intervention can reduce employer health costs and employee absenteeism.



  • “I highly recommend the DBC Active Spine Care® program. I visited several physicians and tried everything from physical therapy, chiropractic care, homeopathic treatments, epidural shots and the finality of back surgery. After about a month after surgery the pain came back. Another physician recommended the DBC Active Spine Care® program and after a few weeks I was feeling much better and no pain.  Even when I drove long distances in my job I could get out of my vehicle with no issues! The DBC Active Spine Care® program gave me the reassurance that something can be done without countless back surgeries.”

    JA, TX
  • “There was evidence that intense bio-psychosocial rehabilitation with a functional restoration approach improved function when compared with inpatient or outpatient non-multidisciplinary treatments.”

    Cochrane Collaboration Reviews

Low back pain is one of the costliest variables to an employer’s health care costs. Over 80% of the working population will have back pain at some point in their life and on average 63% will have the same problem after 12 months. 30%-40% of this population will have relpases of work absenteeism.

The DBC Active Spine Care® program has been documented to:

  • Reduce sickness absence
  • Reduce medical claims
  • Reduce unnecessary spine surgeries
  • Reduce repeated treatments, imaging and medications
  • Increase employee working years

(See Employee Working Yrs. Increase / Utilization-Surgeries Decrease under Resources)

As an employer, you will find DBC Active Spine Care®:

  • An EFFECTIVE program of early intervention and long term outcomes for your employees.
  • An EFFICIENT health benefits model for prevention and early detection of risk factors.
  • An ECONOMICAL way to reduce administrative fees, absenteeism, and medical costs while optimizing productivity.

The DBC Active Spine Care® program is a comprehensive bio-psychosocial spine functional restoration program for prevention and treatment of low back disorders. The DBC methodology incorporates specialized FDA medical devices that isolate the spine and provide an individualized and targeted adaptation response in safe controlled approach. The copyrighted and published protocol has shown to produce significant long-term reductions in pain, trouble, impairment, and psychosocial issues worldwide.

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