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Evidence-Based Medicine

We have your current and future health in mind when recommending DBC Active Spine Care® for the treatment of your pain. Talk to your physician for a referral.


    • “After about the 6th visit, I started feeling a change in my back, my hips and my whole life that I hadn’t felt in 8 years. I could finally bend over for the first time in many years without fear of hurting again. I lost 3” off my waist and went down a full pant size. DBC wasn’t physical therapy, it was a complete back program that changed my life and my lifestyle and taught me how to keep these problems from recurring again.”

      MP, Colorado

    Research shows 84% of the population will have back pain at some point in their life and that 50-70% of this population will have a recurrent episode within the first year. The current treatment methods address symptom relief but do not restore full function to the stabilizing structures of the spine.

    DBC Active Spine Care® is:

    • A proven EFFECTIVE program for reducing pain and restoring spinal function.
    • An EFFICIENT treatment program to minimize the time you spend in treatment and maximize the results.
    • An ECONOMICAL solution to decrease long-term medical costs and provide you a more productive life.

    The DBC Active Spine Care® program is a comprehensive bio-psychosocial spine functional restoration program that incorporates specialized FDA medical devices, to safely isolate the spine and provide an individualized and targeted adaptation response to the ligaments and muscles that are critical in stabilizing the spine and returning you to a more meaningful life. The copyrighted and published protocol has shown to produce significant long-term reductions in pain, trouble, and impairment while increasing strength, range-of-motion and paraspinal endurance worldwide.

    Contact us for more information on how DBC Active Spine Care® can benefit you.